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We don’t just sell expired domains. We research and pick only those expired domains with high DA and Backlinks for your SEO needs without sacrificing its brandability to ensure you can use our expired domain to kick start just any project of choice or even buy at our cheapest rate for expired domain names for SEO and RESELL TO MAKE MONEY.

It is advisable not to start any website (except for a brand name) with a fresh domain as your website will be held in search engine probation (Google and others) for 6months to 2years. Avoid that and get started outranking your competitors with our collections of brandable expired domain names list at the cheapest price in the market.

In case, you don’t find any that suit your current project, you can contact us for a custom order. We will help research with your niche keywords and DA rank.

Note: We accept Cryptopayments. Reach us via hello @ getdomaindata.com

Our Pricing is based on the SEO features with MOZ Domain Authority (DA) metrics as the major rating factor to benefit you from day one of starting a niche site or authority website on our expired domains or even help push your existing site SEO if you buy just to get backlinks via redirection to your main site.

DA13 – DA18 = $2,500+  $45
DA19 – DA21 = $5,500+  $75
DA22 – DA24 = $7,500+  $85
 DA25 – DA27 = $10,500+ $99
   DA28 – DA30 = $12,500+ $150
   DA31 – DA33 = $15,500+ $250
   DA34 – DA36 = $17,500+ $300
   DA37 – DA40 = $20,500+ $450
   DA41 – DA44 $23,500+ $550
   DA45 – DA49 $25,500+ $650
   DA50 – DA54 $26,500+ $750
   DA55 – DA58 $30,500+ $900
DA59+Above $35,500+  Send offer not less than $1,000

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