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Expired Domains List

Access our expired domains list.

We research even the past users archives to ensure its not a spam domain.  
We also try to crosscheck other features to make your purchase worth the investment.

Expired Domains With High DA/PA

There are lots of platforms to buy expired domains online but they mostly focuse on Brandables. We go beyond that and consider the SEO to get your website/business runing from day one with our expired domains with
high Domain Authority 

Brandable + SEO = LessThan $100

Most of our domains have solid SEO features which saves buyers 6months-2years probation time if starting with Fresh domain.

We do not sacrifice brandability of the domain names.
Yet you get it for $100 or less


We provide
Expired Domain Names with high DA/PA/Backlinks for all your SEO domain needs!

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We provide domain related seo solutions!

Even if you do not see domain of choice in our store, you can request for custom researched expired domain with specific terms, lenght, DA and others as your website project requires.

Custom Expired Domain

We can help get expired domain based on your specific needs


Either you purchase your domain from us or not, we can help build it SEO up with quality backlinks.

Swap Domain

Incase you found a suitable expired domain and would like to replace it with your current website domain without lossing traffic &SEO. We can help do the switch seamlessly

Web Design & Development

We are pro at WordPress, so if your project need help setting up wordpress on your new or existing expired domain. Kindly reachout to us.


Keywords Research


SEO Copywritting

Do you need seo copywritter to give you a well researched article or just don’t have the time for niche and keywords research/search analysis?
Kindly speak to us for help.

Buying expired domains for SEO

Expired Domain Names List 

Check and buy expired domain with DA, Backlinks, Traffic for SEO at cheapest price without sacrificing Branding.

You can even resell and make money as we drop at cheapest expired domain names for seo prices compared to their actual value.


DA26/PA35 with quality backlinks….


DA21/32 with quality backlinks….


DA20/PA23 with quality backlinks….

Our Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I bought domain from this platform because have tried fresh domain and months after my DA not moving fast. Thus, for my new dropshipping project I decided to use expired domains which helped me get started with high DA expired domain.

Michael Jo.

Your platform really help remove the time consuming task of expired domain names research to identify seo friendly ones.
This is cool!!!

Teddy Livety

Can’t believe how simplified the expired domains seo features are explained by you guys. Really appreciate my access to your plaform.

Eveliense Watorerr

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