Expired Domains For SEO Free List 1st Dec 2019

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Am excited to start this daily post series on deleted expired domains with high domain authority and backlinks for SEO which you can register for less than $9 via recommended domain hosts (or any other of choice). I understand that there are works ahead to ensure this comes to you daily after have manually checked the expired domain list SEO features before publishing it over here. So, let us get straight into the business of the day.


Free Daily Expired Domains For SEO LIST 

Before we move to the list, you need to understand how it works and how the names were collated to ensure their validity.

Also, note that since this is made public, I can not guarantee that your desired expired domain name(s) from the list will still be available by the time you are checking the expired domains list (The solution is to subscribe to our mailing list to get a notification as we post daily and act first – the game is for the swift, not procrastinators).

I am passionate about anything ICT that could help impact businesses success on and offline and this had made me be tracked to SEO which has been doing for 7years+.

Have mastered some key things about it and also use it to help clients with their website SEO. Interested in meeting me in person? Connect with me via;

LinkedIn || Skype || Whatsapp || Namepros || Email || Livechat (Use it at the right corner of this page).


What Criteria Used In Selecting GetDomainData Expired Domains For SEO?

Considering the fact that SEO has many parts and numerous tools (at times their different results can get you confused during keywords or domain research), have decided to stick to using three major widely accepted and respected MOZ metrics in the SEO sphere known as

1) Domain Authority (DA),

2) Page Authority and

3) Spam Score for all the free expired domain name list,

While our premium expired domain names page also adds more in-depth  SEO data like Backlinks profile, domain age, trademark check and Google search/ Google Adsense ban status check.

A lot of domain SEO rankings can easily be manipulated including Page Authority, Alexa ranking and so on but have discovered over the years that Domain Authority is much harder and not easily manipulatable especially after the MOZ DA2.0

(SEO Industry-leading experts like Brian Dean confirmed it in his post titled The Definite Guide To SEO in 2020).

Thus, Get Domain Data’s Expired domains for SEO rankings is based on the expired domain with domain authority (DA). You can use other measures and tools like Ahref, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Majestic and lot too numerous to mention all just as I do but the ultimate remains MOZ DA (you can use tools like….).

New to Expired Domains? Read Answers to Top 50 Most Asked Questions About Expired Domain Names here to learn more.


How To Use Get Domain Data Expired Domains List?

I will be publishing about 20 to 50 deleted expired domains with high domain authority daily below that you can acquire for less than $9 but to differentiate this platform from other general expired domain list platform, have decided to first do some SEO check on the domains using the 3 points listed above and only add deleted expired domain with high Domain authority from DA4 minimum to a maximum of DA11 to the free list and if you need domains with higher DA like DA13 above, then make use of our premium list or request a custom order via live chat or contact page.

The focus will be .com extension considering is perceived as the most authoritative of all domain extensions, been the first. You can use the comment box below to suggest other extensions you want to be added to a future list.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be able to access just about 10%-20% of this list without the PIN. To unlock the whole list is 100% FREE. Get the PIN simply by joining our mailing list and you will get a daily alert once list published with a unique Unlock PIN for that day’s list, you can then visit this page and input the PIN below to unlock the full list 100% FREE.

If you landed on this page and joined the mailing list after the unlock PIN for the day has been sent out already. Simply, request for it by sending a response to the welcome email you received immediately after joining our daily mailing list. I will not drop PIN for anyone not on the mailing list directly via Live chat even if you request for it there.


No Deleted Expired Domains DA PA SS Acquire at <$10
1 Style-Personnel.com 11 8 4% Namesilo || Epik || Others
2 PyjamaPassion.com 11 18 0% Namesilo || Epik || Others
3 SmileOnThree.com 5 3 0% Namesilo || Epik || Others
4 Focus-Racer.com 5 7 30% Namesilo || Epik || Others
5 JeffersonLanes.com 7 9 12% Namesilo || Epik || Others
6 LetsGoCroatia.com 11 14 31% Namesilo || Epik || Others
7 ToUrdeTweets.com 5 13 0% Namesilo || Epik || Others
8 Maker-Money.com 7 12 36% Namesilo || Epik || Others
9 InterCleanTrade.com 10 15 0% Namesilo || Epik || Others
10 CategorizedWeb.com 11 22 23% Namesilo || Epik || Others
11 11 to 25 Hidden – use PIN to unlock
[passster password=”Wy9=eD*k9″]
11 NgheanServices.com 11 24 0% Namesilo || Epik || Others
12 HeadOnFilm.com 11 17 8% Namesilo || Epik || Others
13 CodyForNow.com 8 18 7% Namesilo || Epik || Others
14 JackHenryArtist.com 12 16 0% Namesilo || Epik || Others
15 HikingReviewer.com 10 10 8% Namesilo || Epik || Others
16 TheReportEarth.com 10 16 8% Namesilo || Epik || Others
17 CabrioleFlow.com 12 13 16% Namesilo || Epik || Others
18 GeorgeLimousine.com 10 18 0% Namesilo || Epik || Others
19 Sandy-Event.com 8 10 14% Namesilo || Epik || Others
20 George-Eliot.com 10 16 0% Namesilo || Epik || Others
21 Khulna-Infos.com 5 13 4% Namesilo || Epik || Others
22 ThemaNaissance.com 10 16 20% Namesilo || Epik || Others
23 BeAmisNow.com 5 4 0% Namesilo || Epik || Others
24 ToUsVoyageurs.com 9 17 1% Namesilo || Epik || Others
25 CodePromo-Mode.com 12 23 7% Namesilo || Epik || Others

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    1. The less than $9/$10 are free for you to register yourself either via any of the recommended domain host or any other host of your choice. This list usually contains DA5 to DA11 expired domains.


      The <$45 to $99 are premium expired domains with high Domain authority from DA13 above that we don't add to the free expired domain list because have have registered it and selling for a set price based on their DA

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