Epik Domains Marketplace: How To Add & Sell Domains From Other Domain Hosts on Epik Marketplace

Epik domain marketplace review images -getdomaindata -expired domains for seo

In this step by step guide with video and screenshots, I will take you by hand to show you how to add your domains for sale on Epik Domains Marketplace if you have your domains hosted elsewhere like Namesilo, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Interserver and lot others.


What is Epik Domains Marketplace?

The Epik marketplace is a platform offered by Epik brand where you can list your domains for sale and have access to a lot of tools including lander and escrow service to facilitate a smooth sale.

You can list domains hosted on other platforms for sale without the need to transfer it to Epik domain hosting platform. And in this guide have included step by step how to point your domain to the marketplace to use Epik marketplace lander.


Epik Domains Marketplaces Features Review:

In a quick glance, let us see what Epik marketplace promises which seems to personally convinced me to list some of my domains with them over other already popular marketplaces.


1) Swift Payment For Domainers:

As a domainer, there is nothing as important to me as the ease and timeliness of accessing my funds after making a domain sale via any marketplace. Am certain it is same for most domainers out there, no one wants to handover their domains and then have to wait for another one week or two weeks before they can access their payment.

Sincerely as at the time of writing this post am yet to make a sale via their domains marketplace but the testimonies of other Domainers have read online seems convincing enough to give them a try and hopefully will update this post someday with my life experience and sales proofs. But until then, let us stick around with testimonies like this screenshot I took on Namepros of a seller experience of domain marketplace by Epik:

Epik domains marketplace review images -getdomaindata -expired domains for seo

The text on the screenshot image read as follows;

Marketplace and parked, landing page at Epik.
Received an offer $3000 via Epik parked landing page, accepted an offer. Domain purchased and funds deposited within 25minuts!
I recommend Epik as very fast, smooth and the best Marketplace and registrar for domainers.
Thanks Rob for great job!


Just like you might be curious to know more, another domainer asked the same question from the OP (Original Poster) of the thread screenshot above and below was his response:

Epik domains marketplace review images -getdomaindata -expired domains for seo


The text on the screenshot image read as follows;

Accepted an offer. Within 25min received to my masterbucks account.


2) Cryptocurrency Payout For Domainer:

If you have been following some of my previous posts, you should know by now that am a lover of Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, Blockchain. The reason I can’t overlook but just mention this feature of Epik domains marketplace as it could make life easier for both buyer and seller, where it is hard to pay via Credit card or Paypal as a buyer and in countries where receiving Paypal payment as a seller is a herculean task like my country Nigeria. Even domainers (sellers) from other countries like US, UK can get nervous using Paypal when the money coming in via their sale is around $5,000 above (Paypal could hold their payment for a while).


Those are the two things I will discuss in this article may be going in deeper if I decide to write a full “Epik Domains Marketplace Review” in my future articles. For now, let refocus on the business of this post which is to help add your domain to the Epik marketplace from other domain hosts like Namesilo and others.



How To Add Domains From Other Domain Hosts To Epik Domain Marketplace?


It easier, possibly than you might think and will put some screenshot to guide but if you like to watch a video instead, here is it for you in video format step by step as well;


For my readers that prefer step by step guide in text format, this following guide is for you (Note that I used MajesticOutlook.com as the live sample domain in the video and will be referring to the same domain in this text version below):

Step 1: Register and log in to your Epik account

Epik domain marketplace review images -getdomaindata -expired domains for seo


Step 2: Click on Domains from the navigation menu bar options

epik getdomaindata get domain data


Step 3: Click Add Domain(s) from the drop-down list

epik getdomaindata get domain data


Step 4: Fill the box with the domain(s) you want to add from other domain hosts like Namesilo. Ensure its one domain per line

epik getdomaindata get domain data

When done adding the domain(s), click the Submit button as shown in the screenshot above.


Step 5: Congratulations your domain from other host is now added to your Epik dashboard and ready to be available for sale via their domain marketplace.

epik getdomaindata get domain data

Click View Domain Portfolio >> 


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Step 6: Locate the domain(s) you just added in your Epik domains portfolio list. Select the options tab (you can also do same by marking multiple domains if you want to add the domains in bulk) or just click the option beside every single domain if adding just one to the marketplace.

For sample sake, remember we are using MajesticOutlook.com.

epik getdomaindata get domain data



Step 7: Pick MARKETPLACE from the list and then another option list pop sideway, select PLACE THE DOMAIN FOR SALE, OR SETUP A RENTAL OR PURCHASE PLAN from the list. Ignore others, for now, you can use them later after successfully adding the domain to the marketplace which is the sole focus of this guide.

epik getdomaindata get domain data



IMPORTANT: Now, you are fully into the marketplace setup option from here onward and what you will see in this guide is just for example sake. You decide for your domains individually and not necessarily as is here.


Step 8: There are lot of options to fill here based on your personal preference. Some of them are the

Consider Offers – (option if you want to place a minimum offer to allow prospective buyers to send you),

Buy Now – (option not available because the domain is not hosted by Epik directly)

Rental & Purchase – Optional (not sure this is available to the domain as well if not hosted directly on Epik)

epik getdomaindata get domain data



Step 9: The marketplace configuration continues….

Make this a Private Listing – Optional – Mark only if you want to avoid listing your domain in general Epik domains marketplace search results. Can’t figure out why anyone needs this but I think when planing private sale for a domain, it could be cool to use.

Marketing Content – Optional – Here you add some info about the domain or suggest what prospective buyers can potentially use it for.

Advanced Layout – That’s how your marketplace listing will be displayed – I prefer Advanced layout but you can choose otherwise. It is by choice.

epik getdomaindata get domain data


Step 10: Still in setup mode….

Park Domain(S) – Optional – though recommended except if you have another lander in place you prefer to use outside EPIK. If not, I do encourage you to choose it. Once marked, go back to your Namesilo (or any other domain hosting you hosted your domain with) and change the domain Nameserver from whatever it is to Epik Nameserver NS3.EPIK.COM and NS4.EPIK.COM

epik getdomaindata get domain data

Click the SUBMIT button.


CONGRATULATIONS your domain hosted elsewhere is now successfully listed for sale on Epik Domains Marketplace.

That’s all and if your domain is hosted with Namesilo, watch the video above to see how to fix that in a minute.



This is where I will drop my pen for today, why I continue to put together another helpful step by step how-to guide for domainers like this for different platforms under the Domains Education section.


Hopefully, you can help share this post via the social media sharing tools and also suggest others you want me to write an in-depth guide on via comment below or use the contact page or live chat to reach out to us at Get Domain Data.


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