Domains Marketplace Analysis: 7 Lessons To Make Money As A Domainer From Namesilo Marketplace Sales Report 2019/2020

Domains Marketplace Analysis: 7 Lessons To Make Money As A Domainer From Namesilo Marketplace Sales Report 2019/2020

namesilo report marketplace sales stats -getdomaindata

In this Domains Education post series, you will discover Namesilo domains marketplace sales data for the month of December 2019 and lessons to pick from there as a domainer or for domain flipping 2020 and beyond.


Namesilo Domains Marketplace Report Analysis by GetDomainData

Early this year 2020 Namesilo revealed the report officially via Visme, a free presentation platform as follows;

We are also going to see what to learn from this together if you intend to invest into domains or already a domaining either long term holder or short term domain flipper. Stats like this should not just be overlooked as a market report, but in-depth valuable insight into what is going on in domaining business world.

You can watch in video format:



namesilo report marketplace sales stats -getdomaindata

the above shows that the average days for each domain to sell was about 3months to 4 months after been listed on Namesilo domains marketplace.

Lesson 1:

To succeed in domains business, you need patient. I can’t stress on this enough but if you are in for instant cash, you are indeed on the wrong investment vehicle.

Most expired domains have sold in about 3months of stating this platform took an average of 2-4weeks after registration or acquisition from owner to resell.


namesilo report marketplace sales stats -getdomaindata

The above shows there is more crave for aged domains and expired domains than new domains considering average sales ages is at least 4years old above.

Lesson 2:

If you can, limit your domain portfolio with less hand reg and more acquisition of aged expired domains. You will stand better chances of selling long term. Hand reg is not bad but most good domains are already registered and will take more in-depth search to see any good one for hand reg.

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namesilo report marketplace sales stats -getdomaindata

The above screenshot is a prove that .com domain extension is still taking the lead in the domain market share with almost 80%. Thus stick around .com domain if you aim to earn more with domaining or domain flipping business. Other extensions should not also be neglected totally.

Lesson 3:

Stick to .com or make it dominate largest portion of your domain portfolio. You will hardly make a loss if they are good names even if you don’t sell short term, long term could still bring a smile if in dot com extension. Don’t neglect others especially your country-code extensions. Snap the shorter brandable names before they are grabbed by the international brands using their .com .


namesilo report marketplace sales stats -getdomaindata

namesilo report marketplace sales stats -getdomaindata

This reveals if you want to push adverts as a domainer, you had better pitch the largest markets for faster turnover. Though, don’t totally neglect others.

Other countries of note doing well with domain acquisitions.

Lesson 4:

Before buy extensions, .net . .org , .info see if your country invests in domains and take advantage of it but if they don’t stick to the international market. Also, register more of English domains than others because most buyers are from English speaking or like English words pronounceable domains.


namesilo report marketplace sales stats -getdomaindata

The shorter domain names between 4-15 long seem the best selling domains so in case you are a domainer planning to acquire domains, keep that in mind especially if a newbie.

Lesson 5:

The shorter the name the better – nothing much to say on this keep it 4 to 15 and max around 18words.


namesilo report marketplace sales stats -getdomaindata

Naturally, I prefer counter or buy now offer auction, reasons our old expired domains at Getdomaindata are buy now, no competitor and it is first come first serve.

Lesson 6:
If listing on domains marketplace, choose what’s already working or trial and error. Buy now, counter offer performs better than an auction. I personally don’t like auction because you have less than 5% chances that you will win and when you do win, you competitors might have pushed you to pay more than the domain worth especially if you are planning to resell for profit. Making it more stressful for you reselling at a good profit later.


namesilo report marketplace sales stats -getdomaindata

Interesting highest domain sale price in December 2019 on Namesilo still high as $15,000 – cool

Lesson 7:

You can always try shot for the moon in your domain pricing when sure of the market value of the domain – at times it is better tried and failed than not trying at all. Zoom to the moon once a while for your good domains!


That’s is the report and hopes it helps refine your domaining journey going forward.

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