Delete Domain on DAN: My Domain Listed By Someelse on Dan – See How I Removed It

I decided to share how I delete domain on DAN here because it could help someone just as this thread by  Blueforever helped/pushed me to do some check on my domains and hope he gets his issues solved to his favour soonest.
Thanks also to  Bob Hawkes who responded to the above thread and recommended domainers to use to check if their domains were listed on other market places by others.
NOTE: This post was intended to be posted on Namepros directly but was not allowed to add links (which is the only way to display the screenshots). Thus, decided to post it here instead. So, the tune of my writing may look as if I was talking to NPers.
I did give it a try and most of my domains showed up as taken but one of them showed as
[table id=2 /]
I was surprised to see one of my domains currently listed on by another person who also owns over 50 other domain names on DAN.

How To Delete Domain On DAN

Sincerely I was initially thinking this mess will take time to get it cleared off in days or weeks but just decided to try DAN’s live chat and within 2-3hours they got it resolved as the screenshots proved.
They only asked me to send a screenshot of the domain in my portfolio as prove since I use WHOIS privacy for my domains.
See what I sent in screenshots below from my Namesilo account. 
And I also told the customer support to visit the domain and will discover that it is redirecting to my website lander for the domain. 
Both pieces of evidence were approved to delete the domain on DAN. 
After about 30minutes, they replied that it has been deleted and I checked it again.
wahoo…its gone. didn’t know it would be that fast. Thanks so much, DAN.COM . It was stress-free and faster than I expected.
Finally, I revisited the URL for confirmation and it was indeed deleted instantly.

Lessons on How To Delete Domain Name From Domain Marketplaces Like DAN:

1) Always check to see if anyone is listing your domain on other marketplaces after you have acquired and ensure they are removed (read the thread above to learn one of the advantages) even if you are not using 3rd party to sell it.
2) When you read about other domainers sharing their experiences on Namepros or elsewhere, don’t take it with the attitude that it just them and can’t affect you. Who knows the next inline or might already be in same mess unknown to you yet like my case.
3) Add yours as a comment and let us all learn more from it.
Hope this help someone out there too…let me know also in the comment.

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